The Rudy Schwartz Project

Rudy Schwartz

The Rudy Schwartz Project was founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas by Joe Newman. After leaving a box of consignment cassettes on the sales counter at The Record Exchange, threatening 3 A.M. phone calls soon commenced, and Newman relocated to a bunker in rural Oregon with his faithful dog, G√ľnther, and a large box of biker and severed head movies on Betamax cassettes. Once the initial supply of salt biscuits and dried snake meat was exhausted, Newman was spotted at a Stop & Go attempting to use forged food stamps to purchase pornographic magazines and cases of Pringles and aerosol cheese. He was subsequently deported to Canada, where unfortunately he has once again gained access to recording equipment. He is writing new songs about disabled primates on skateboards and Sarah Palin’s vaginal excretions, and posting disturbing videos on YouTube. Please don’t encourage him.