THE ADICTS – All the Young Droogs

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“‘Droogs’ is our new favorite word!

First, let us offer a little history course on The Adicts, with only one “D.”

For the last 35 years, The Adicts have been in a relentless pursuit of making music and touring for their fans. Night after night, singer Monkey adorns his signature jester’s outfit while his cohorts Pete Dee (guitar), Scruff Ellis (guitar), Kid Dee, (drums) and Shahen (bass) back him dressed in all white.

“We’re all excited about the release of All the Young Droogs; it’s full of nice surprises and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it. And thanks to for helping us out with giving fans an exclusive listen,” Monkey told said in a statement exclusive to You are welcome, Monkey. We are glad to team up with you and share quality tunes with our readers.

The Adicts have gone on to become one of the most influential punk bands of the last three decades, a feat that very few bands have ever accomplished. While others in the early English punk scene took a heavy heart singing about politics, society and angst, The Adicts separated themselves with their dystopian style and upbeat music with lighthearted lyrics that jabbed with sarcasm.

Fast forward to 2012 and the only thing that’s changed is the world around them. On September 11, The Adicts will release their tenth studio album, one that is sure to surprise and please fans. For their latest release, the band stepped out on the ledge, integrating new styles and influences in their music, while maintaining their signature sound.” – Review from Artist Direct