300 Pounds

300 pounds

300 Pounds is an extraordinary funk-punk band based in Santa Cruz, California. The gripping stage presence of this three piece band creates an environment that everyone can enjoy. Over the last few years 300 Pounds has worked to refine their sound and presentation to maximize the audio and visual experience of the audience.

Describing the genre-bending sound of 300 Pounds is a difficult task. With influences spanning the heaviest of metal, to the most effervescent pop, their music swims in a sea with an ever-changing temperament. In any given show, you’ll find the fire of punk, the soul of 70’s funk, and lyrical musings on joy, sorrow, loss, and hope. While the band is persistently challenged to provide a genre into which they fit, it’s a burden that they happily bear.

Nate Lieby (lead vocals, guitar) is a life-long musician who started in rock playing drums, singing and writing songs. After years of being a drummer and lead singer in the band Sneaky Creekans, Nate broke off and began playing guitar and writing songs for 300 Pounds. He brings the energy of his drumming experience to his guitar playing: a frenetic, cleaving attack.

Pecos (bass, backing vocals) grew up elbow-deep in music, helping his father run a music store and dabbling in guitar and drums for most of his early life. With the formation of 300 Pounds he took up bass and began pitching in on vocals. Pecos brings a powerful excitement to the stage with his presence, joining Nate in their over-the-top exuberance and between-song banter. His bass style is heavily influenced by his love of reggae, hip hop, the slap-pop styles of the legendary funk masters.

Jon Moriconi (drums) has a long line of experience playing guitar, piano, and a bit of just about everything else. Jon was also in Sneaky Creekans with Nate as a guitar player and main songwriter. He joined 300 Pounds as the drummer and contributes his powerful talent to the musical zeitgeist of the band. His drumming is constantly evolving and growing with the band, turning Jon from a light-handed jazz enthusiast into a full-blown rock slugger.