The Ragged Jubilee

The Ragged Jubilee

The Ragged Jubilee is a rock and roll band from San Luis Obispo, California, that formed in 2007. The band consist of Ethan Burns (Guitar and Vocals), Chandler Haynes (Bass, Concepts), Aaron Wick (Drums) and Austin I’Anson (Guitar). The Ragged Jubilee is known for Ethans’s powerful and gritty Vocals, their hard hitting drums and intricately calculated rhythm and bass. 

Formed after an impromptu show in Guadalupe California, the band quickly emerged into the SLO music Scene. After recording their debut album American Moan they began touring shortly thereafter. Performing at venues, festivals and networks such as Cafe Du Nord, SXSW, Coachella’s Vestal Village, Axs Live, house of blues, The Echo, The Viper Room and The Del Monte Speakeasy. 

Their music has been featured in Ozark, Shameless, Supergirl, Father Stu, Buddy Games, Walker, The Good Lord Bird, 68 Whiskey and more. 

The Ragged Jubilee has released 4 Studio albums, American Moan (2010), In the Valley (2012), Pyramid Scheme (2017), and Electric Mental State (2020) with several limited phycical E.Ps and singles throughout. 

In 2021 the band started working on their upcoming record, ‘Mulholland Overdrive’, with LA Based producer/musician Rob Campenella. The album is set to be released on DC-Jam with a tour to follow.