The Heard – Genesis

the heard genesis

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Word Absurd, Irekdis, Fable, G-Irth, and MCS control the powerful empire known as The Heard. Word Absurd lives inside a forest filled with cats where he prepares sounds to be recorded upon elegant equipment. His influence has passed through multitudes of Chicago acts with inpalpable rhyming and raucious percussion. Irekdis splits heads with axe dropping lyrics and time altering compositions utilizing stringed and banged equipment. Fable isn’t real. His rhyming style is outlandish and not yet understood. G-Irth has wide scope vision and vocal precision, though he has been Irth bound for years. We all need G, and we need Irth. MCS delivers caress while she invests the best into a army of steel chests. No other mother could discover what MCS has buried asunder. A rhyming delight for the whole of the night.

The Heard is an Electro Alien Hip-Hop group currently hailing in Chicago. The five core members compromise composers with multi-genre experience, a menagerie of rapping styles, and some of the best young jazz musicians in Chicago. The plan is to give listeners a musical experience which can carry themn through the present and into the future, equipped with the necessary tools to maintain a positive mindscape.